26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (2024)

So, you’ve decided you want a she shed. Maybe you’ve even already set it up. Now what? What should you do with your she shed interior? How should you decorate?

Fear not! I have compiled this helpful list of great ideas for the inside of your she shed. This is not an exhaustive list, but it should at least get your own creative juices flowing.

And remember: There are many she sheds like your she shed, but this she shed is yours! Make it your own.

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  • What is a She Shed?
  • 1. A Helping Hand
  • 2. She Shed with Bathroom
  • 3. Work Invasion
  • 4. Garden She Shed Office
  • 5. Rustic She Shed
  • 6. Craft Room
  • 7. She Deck
  • 8. Sewing Room
  • 9. Natural Light
  • 10. Greenhouse Art
  • 11. Be My Guest
  • 12. Minimalistic with a View
  • 13. Nightclub of Creativity
  • 14. Book Club
  • 15. Rest Area
  • 16. Less is More
  • 17. Exotic She Shed Interior Decor
  • 18. Chlorophyll Kids
  • 19. Modern She-Shed
  • 20. Cramped or Cozy?
  • 21. A “Night Out”
  • 22. Recharge
  • 23. Meeting Place
  • 24. Pottery Passion
  • 25. Never Leaving My She Shed
  • 26. Backyard Library
  • Conclusion

What is a She Shed?

A she shed is a quiet getaway, usually for women (hence the “she”), that is right in their backyard. There are lots of reasons why you might want a she shed.

Maybe your house is noisy, but you need quiet for work or yoga or a hobby. Maybe your hobby or work could be dangerous around your small children. Maybe your children could be dangerous to your hobby or work.

No matter the reason, a she shed is a place just for you.

1. A Helping Hand

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (1)
If you’ve got an older parent that might need some help in their more advanced years, a she shed could be a guest house. And it doesn’t take much in the way of interior design to create a nice living space for yourself. A couch, some end tables, and voila~!

In most cases, you will need some light plumbing coming into the she shed to make this work. But if you want to minimize those expenses, you could look into no flush toilets.

2. She Shed with Bathroom

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (2)

This is great for kids who are moving back home. Things get rough out there in the real world and, in many cases, your kids are going to need your help again.

But they aren’t kids anymore and, let’s face it, they’re going to want their own space.

You are going to want your own space, too.

So, the answer is a she shed that has everything they could need. A kitchen sink, a bathroom, a bed, even a mini stove/oven! She shed with a bathroom is a must, unless you want them in and out of your house.

3. Work Invasion

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (3)

Maybe all you need is a place to work in peace. A lot of people who have home offices also have a lot of files and paperwork relating to their work. Before you know it, these important papers are all over the house, taking over the living room, bedroom…

It’s an invasion!

When you have your own separate office apart from the house, though, then this becomes a non-issue. Oftentimes, having a home office outside the home can make you more organized. It also helps you to separate your work and home life!

4. Garden She Shed Office

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (4)

This she shed interior design even includes a loft. If you like to burn the midnight oil, but also don’t like to wake up your spouse at 2AM, then this should solve that issue.

Set up a comfortable bed in your loft. If your work or hobby takes you past a decent hour, you can crash there without disturbing your family!

Just maybe not too often. Your spouse (or kids) might wonder if you’re ever coming home!

5. Rustic She Shed

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (5)

Another great reason to build yourself she shed is for privacy. Even the closest couples and families need time for themselves and this is a great way to get it.

Make your she shed a special place you can go to write in your journal, meditate, or just think. Having large, uninterrupted blocks of time to yourself is important for mental health.

This interior design is rustic with hints at Victorian-era styles. A day bed and some wrought iron furniture (painted pink) give it that old-time feeling!

6. Craft Room

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (6)

Crafting is gaining immense popularity these days! Whether you create for Etsy or only for yourself, having your own she shed craft room to work is often important.

And not only because of distractions from family. You have a lot of paint brushes, paints, canvases, clay, and tools. They get everywhere, strewn about the house. Your significant other can find a paint brush before they find a pen.

They aren’t happy about it.

So, a nice she shed for you, complete with built-in shelves and a work table. Now everybody’s happy!

7. She Deck

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (7)

Maybe you don’t need to live in your she shed. Or work in it. Or craft. Maybe you just want to bird watch in the fresh air.

All you need for the interior are a few pieces of living room furniture. Kick your feet up, enjoy the breeze through a large open window, and sip your favorite beverage.

A lot of times, your home’s deck or patio is in use by your family. It’s a place where they sit outside and talk amongst themselves or the kids like to play there. This way, you have your own private deck.

8. Sewing Room

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (8)

This is another great she shed craft room idea. If you like to sew, you know how much space your supplies can take up. And you need room to measure and spread out your fabric when you’re working.

This craft room is pretty simple as far as interior design goes. For sewing, open space is your best friend, so simple might be the best option. A flat, solid surface for the floor makes it a breeze to trace large designs!

9. Natural Light

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (9)

Your house is gloomy! Well, you think so, at least. Everyone else just loves the subdued lighting.

But you need natural light!

An easy fix is to build your own she shed sunroom. Give yourself a special place to spend time where you can get all the natural light you need.

It’s not always as simple as going outside to get some sunlight, either. The weather could be too hot or the insects could be too persistent. So, having an enclosed, even air-conditioned, space might be just what you need.

10. Greenhouse Art

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (10)

This art studio design is reminiscent of a greenhouse. You’ll have no shortage of light, that’s for sure! If nature inspires your creative side, this might be the best design for you!

It’s an easy interior idea with hardwood floors and built-in shelves. Most of the design is done for you with the windows, as that will draw most of the attention no matter what you do.

11. Be My Guest

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (11)

Out of town family or friends coming in for the holidays or a wedding? Maybe you’re not quite sure if you’ll survive dinner. You certainly don’t want to consider the prospect of them sharing the same roof as you for two full days.

What can you do? Build them a she shed guest room! This keeps everyone out of each other’s hair for the most part. But it still gives everyone the opportunity to spend time with one another during the visit.

12. Minimalistic with a View

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (12)

Nature inspires you. When you pull out your canvas and paints, you need a view to get yourself in the mood to create. Build your she shed near your garden. When you need a jolt of inspiration, all you need to do is look out your front door.

For the most part, this design is minimalistic. You’ll have some shelves, maybe a television for breaks, but this shed is all about your art. The less distractions you have, the better!

13. Nightclub of Creativity

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (13)

The design for this shed is nothing short of funky! It’s lit with bright, neon lights that remind you of a nightclub, so that gives it a kind of chill vibe.

But it also has a mural of a forest on one wall, which helps stir the imagination for creative types.

This shed is great for people who might want to use their she shed to write or paint during the day, but also entertain friends in the evening. A multipurpose she shed if you will.

14. Book Club

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (14)

The interior design of this she shed is perfect for hosting a book club! (Because maybe your family isn’t as into that as you are.) The pristine white doilies and fascinating wallpaper designs set the perfect mood.

It offers a sense of cleanliness, elegance, and peace. Picture yourself sitting here with four or five friends, discussing the book of the month. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

You can even set up an area for refreshments!

15. Rest Area

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (15)

This she shed is perfect for watching your kids or pets from the comfort of a shade-covered, breezy couch. It’s a small area, only big enough to allow for a couch and a lamp. But it’s great for getting some fresh air without baking in the sun!

This is also a great place to use as a getaway when you want to read or think. Time to yourself is of great importance!

16. Less is More

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (16)

The design for this painting studio is simplistic. All you need are plain, white walls and a few paint brushes of varying sizes. Hang the clean paint brushes in a line on the wall, gradually decreasing in size.

Include the name of your studio or some words of inspiration beneath it and voila! The decoration is complete!

The thing to remember when purposing your she shed as a creative or work space is to avoid distraction. You need a clear head to concentrate, so less is more most of the time!

17. Exotic She Shed Interior Decor

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (17)

This is a kind of exotic design for the inside of a she shed. Most of the style revolves around wicker baskets, black-and-white accents, and decorative houseplants.

The most interesting part of this design is the walls of the peg board. This is a nice idea for people who have many different types of things they may want to hang or store on the walls. It also eliminates most of the need for shelf space, which can shrink the room.

18. Chlorophyll Kids

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (18)

Gardening is life! You love starting your herbs inside from seeds and caring for them as if they were your children.

You have 17 basil plants, 12 rosemary seedlings, 5 peonies…and limited window space. And if your significant other has to shower with one more eucalyptus plant, they are going to scream.

Time for your “kids” to get a place of their own! Something earthy and spare for the design might put you in the best mindset to care for your chlorophyll kids.

19. Modern She-Shed

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (19)

Did you know she sheds don’t have to be…cozy? She shed can be anything that you want it to be. In this case, it can have a television, modern furniture, and can lighting.

Your she shed is a place that you should tailor to your needs. And since every person’s needs are different, every she shed is going to be different, too. You might use the same style or theme, but it’s never going to be a replica of someone else’s.

And it shouldn’t be.

20. Cramped or Cozy?

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (20)

She shed can also be a nest of sorts. It doesn’t have to be wide open with a lot of room. It doesn’t have to be a welcoming guest building for the in-laws.

This she shed is crowded. There is a park bench and one stuffed chair for seating. The bench is super close to the kitchenette. There’s a closet, a mini fridge, and storage space. The loft area is packed to capacity.

Some people love this feeling! They love that everything is so close and nest-like, and that’s okay! If you’re happy with having just enough area to sit and relax, then do it!

21. A “Night Out”

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (21)

Want a candlelit dinner with your significant other, but don’t want to wake the kids? For a lot of parents, a she shed is a great way to get some romantic one-on-one time without having to find a babysitter.

All you’ll need to create a warm restaurant experience are a few key decorations. Subdued lighting, flowers (real or fake), a nice centerpiece, and whatever else sets the mood. You can even change out the decorations for each “night out.”

22. Recharge

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (22)

Even if your shed is little more than a box (with exposed studs), this offers its own appeal. It kind of gives it an idyllic touch, like country living.

This design is perfect for someone who wants to feel secluded, apart from the world, while in their she shed. This place is for the person who wants to reflect on the trajectory of their life or journal.

You could even put up a few empowering messages on the walls and make this a place for you to recharge yourself.

23. Meeting Place

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (23)

A she shed can also be a place where you meet with other adults in relative privacy. Maybe you need to speak about confidential matters with clients, but don’t want to go to the office. This could be a conference room in your backyard!

This is also a nice rest area after a birthday or dinner party, letting the adults converge with drinks. If there are children, adults can watch them play in the yard while enjoying adult conversation.

24. Pottery Passion

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (24)

You went to once pottery class three years ago and now your house is overrun with ceramic and clay! Your dog cannot reach their food bowl.

Time for a special place just for you and your pottery, my artistic friend! The interior design for this should feature plenty of shelf space. You’ll want to make sure there’s enough space for your work tables and kiln.

Also, try to use hardwood floors. Carpet and clay have a contentious relationship.

25. Never Leaving My She Shed

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (25)

A shed that you can live in is going to have all the amenities. In this one, you’ve got heated floors, a fireplace, mini-fridge, and plumbing.

Now, this is more for the she shed owner who doesn’t want to leave their shed. Ever. Introverts and creative types (often one in the same) will do great in a design like this one.

The large windows give you the opportunity for fresh air and natural light, but you don’t actually have to leave the room. Win-win!

26. Backyard Library

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (26)
If you really love to read, but your family does not, things can get ugly fast. You know how it is: You’re trying to read a book, but your family sees you as available. For conversation, to help them find their keys, put together a school project

The list of demands is longer than your to-read list!

I can empathize. So, build your own library in your backyard! Let your family know that when you’re in there, you are off duty!


Did you enjoy this list? It was a lot of fun for me to put it together. It gave me loads of new she shed interior ideas for my next project, too.

It was important for me to put this list together and share it with you. I knew that if I was struggling with coming up with ideas, one of you were probably struggling, too.

I hope this list helped you. If it did, let me know in the comments! And be sure to share it with your friends!

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Eugene has been a DIY enthusiast for most of his life and loves being creative while inspiring creativity in others. He is passionately interested in home improvement, renovation and woodworking.

26 Beautiful She Shed Interior Design Ideas (2024)


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