Sound Board with Buttons to Trigger Sound Effects (2024)

Sound Board with Buttons to Trigger Sound Effects (1)Interactive online soundboard listing the most popular handpicked funny memes, songs, quotes and sound effects from movies, music hits and all over theinternet.

The Online Sound Board is a collection of buttons that trigger a short audio playback. Whether you're looking to add a touch of humor to your virtual meetings, create a unique gaming atmosphere, or simply have a blast with friends, our sound effect collection is your go-to tool for the ultimate auditoryamusem*nt.

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How To Use The Sound Board?

The Online Sound Board is a simple platform that transforms the act of pushing buttons and icons into a whimsical adventure. Each button is a gateway to a different sound – from classic movie quotes and hilarious memes to iconic soundtracks and funky beats.

Look around in the control panel, floating on the left side of your screen or stuck at the bottom of your mobile device. Here you can, start playing the selected track or stop the playback. Adjust the volume with the slider and press the repeat button to make loop the playback.

  1. Loop the sound:Press the circle arrow icon to keep playing the selected sound again and again.
  2. Change the volume:Use the slider to adjust the playback volume to protect your eardrums. By default this input is set to 60%.
  3. Keep the progress:Some tracks are shorter than a second, while others take longer to play. Visualize how long a sound will take in the progress bar, next to the volume slider.
  4. Text Search:Narrow the soundboard or search by its title entering a text in the search bar. Erase its content to bring back the whole sound effect list, clicking the×icon, next to the input field.
  5. Order the tracks:Rearrange the order of the sound effects by their name, length or category.

Our sound effect list has an extensive collection of handpicked sounds, with manually adjusted volume, cut to the perfect length, ensuring there's something for every mood and occasion. From laughter-inducing memes to heart-pounding music, you can curate your own playlist of auditory delights.

Sound Board with Buttons to Trigger Sound Effects (2)

This is not the first online sound button website. We used this as inspiration imprroved it where we found it annoying: we reglated the volume of the sounds, assigned icons to them, added filters and made it even more intuitive. Simply click on a button, and let the magic unfold. No technical expertise required – just pure, unadulterated fun. Personalize your experience by creating your own sound board with your favorite sounds. Whether it's quotes from your favorite movies or snippets of your go-to songs, the Online Sound Board lets you tailor the experience to your liking.

Where And When To Use The Soundboard?

  1. Virtual Meetings and Workshops 🎧 Break the monotony of virtual meetings by injecting a dose of humor with well-timed sound effects. Imagine the collective fun as a witty quote or funny sound plays at a lighthearted moment.
  2. Gaming Adventures 🎮 Enhance your gaming experience by integrating the Online Sound Board into your sessions. Surprise your fellow gamers with themed soundtracks, celebratory cheers, or dramatic effects during key moments.
  3. Online Celebrations 🥳 Whether it's a virtual birthday party or a festive gathering, use the sound board to add a unique audio dimension to your online celebrations to make the occasion memorable.
  4. Prank Patrol 🤡 Have a mischievous side? Use the sound board to play harmless pranks on friends and family during video calls. Surprise them with unexpected sounds and watch their reactions unfold.

How To Add A New Sound?

Before uploading a new sound effect to your board please make sure it's prepared correctly:

  1. ✂️ Cut If the source audio is longer than 30 seconds please cut out the most important part.
  2. 📶 Volume Adjust the volume that you can hear the track but it's not too loud either. You can do this with most mp3 cutting programs.
  3. 🔌 Extension Make sure to export the file in .mp3 format.
  4. 🗜 Compress️ Every sound file needs to be 200 KB or smaller. There are many free online compressors, like Mp3Smaller to convert them one by one, Freeconvert that has the best interface but it allows only 20 conversions daily, or use OnlineConverter that takes longer but it can handle all files that the two above might fail to compress.
  5. 🖼️ Icon Pick a fitting emoji for the sound. The online emoji picker or emojiDB can help you with that.
Sound Board with Buttons to Trigger Sound Effects (2024)


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